Nordic Valley Expansion Plan

Since 1968, Nordic Valley has served families, powder seekers, and visitors to the Ogden area with great snow, fun terrain, and incredible value. As part of a recent acquisition by Mountain Capital Partners, Nordic Valley is expanding to become a world-class resort destination while still retaining the down-to-earth, skiing-first experience locals have come to love.

Proposed Expansion Map

With a focus on sustainability and environmental stewardship, Nordic Valley will expand from 140 acres to over 2,800—including a new 4.3-mile-long gondola connecting North Ogden to the existing Nordic Valley base area. In addition to offering direct-to-resort access in a scenic 12-minute ride, the gondola will also help cut down on canyon traffic and vehicle emissions.


Master Development Plan

This Mountain Resort Master Development Plan (MDP) is intended to be the guiding document for future development at Nordic Valley Ski Resort.

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Learn more about the Nordic Valley expansion project, why it’s happening, and what to expect.

  • Why the expansion?

    We’re passionate about the ski industry, and about giving families and individuals the freedom and opportunity to experience the outdoors. With an improved guest experience, the new Nordic Valley will be better positioned to grow the ski industry, compete with other area resorts, and bolster Ogden’s status as a first-rate recreation destination.

  • What will the expansion entail?

    In addition to the 4.3-mile gondola providing direct resort access from North Ogden, the new Nordic Valley will feature a number of new chairlifts to significantly increase skiable acreage, as well as upgraded snowmaking capabilities to ensure a world-class guest experience.

  • Wasn’t a Nordic Valley gondola proposed a few years ago?

    A similar project was proposed in 2014, and while some elements of that expansion plan remain intact, many have been changed based on our own analysis and consultations.

  • How will this benefit the Ogden and Eden communities?

    Besides increasing access to the amazing outdoor recreational opportunities in the Wasatch, a successful Nordic Valley expansion will boost the local economy—specifically the tourism, service, and outdoor industries.

  • What environmental precautions are being taken?

    Protecting natural resources is a critical part of our mission, as we’re passionate about providing future generations with the same outdoor opportunities we so enjoy. Mountain Capital Partners has a proven track record of following environmental best practices at our other properties, including Purgatory, Snowbowl, and others.

  • What is the expected environmental impact?

    Before undertaking this expansion, the precise environmental impact will be determined during the National Environmental Policy Act process, ideally starting in fall of 2018. Various factors including vegetation, wildlife, water resources, traffic, and air quality will be thoroughly analyzed, as well as the project’s cultural and socioeconomic impact.

  • How will this affect the watershed?

    By using proper design techniques and following environmental best practices, ski areas can avoid making more than a marginal impact on watershed areas. While Nordic Valley’s water consumption will increase to support our expanded snowmaking operations, studies show that approximately 80% of snowmaking water returns to the watershed during the springtime melt.

  • How will this impact canyon traffic?

    With the opening of the new Nordic Valley gondola, guests can access the resort directly from North Ogden much faster than would be possible via car or bus. In addition to shortening travel times and alleviating canyon traffic, the new gondola will also help reduce vehicle emissions by providing a convenient and sustainable mass-transit solution.

  • What is the timeline for this project?

    We hope to begin construction on the new Nordic Valley gondola in the spring of 2020, and be completed for the start of winter operations in the same year. Additional chairlifts and resort facilities will be added throughout the next decade.

  • Will Nordic Valley still be affordable?

    Absolutely! While our ticket prices will likely increase somewhat as necessary to offset the ongoing cost of expansion, we remain committed to keeping Nordic Valley’s status as Northern Utah’s most affordable ski resort.

  • Will there be lots of real estate development?

    As passionate skiers ourselves, our primary focus has always been and will always be about providing and maintaining a fantastic resort experience—as we have at Purgatory and Snowbowl, among other places. While this project will likely eventually include the expansion of lodging options, it’s certainly not our principal goal.

  • How will this project affect current land users?

    We know many people enjoy hunting, fishing, hiking, biking, OHV and horseback riding, and other activities on the proposed project site. Our goal is to preserve these groups’ recreational opportunities (in some cases, even expanding them by building new trails!), and only restrict access where necessary to preserve the safety of Nordic Valley guests and the general public.

  • Isn’t this project site designated an Inventoried Roadless Area by the National Forest Service?

    It is—this project would require a Special Use Permit as well as a Forest Plan Amendment to allow the construction and operation of a gondola within the area. However, our plan is to build the minimum number of roads required to install and maintain our lifts, and leave the natural landscape as intact as possible to preserve its wildlife, watershed, and aesthetic value.
    Inventoried Roadless Areas Map

  • How do I voice my opinion?

    Use the contact form at the bottom of this page to reach out to us with any comments, questions, or concerns, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We are legitimately invested in receiving feedback from the community, and your voice will help guide us toward providing Utahns (and visitors) with even more amazing ways to enjoy the outdoors!

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